Software for Process Management
Software for Process Management
CRIF offers lending and risk management solutions aiming at optimizing credit decisions and customer management throughout the customer lifecycle to the financial service industry worldwide.
Our solutions, which help acquire customers, increase volumes, reduce credit losses and lower operating expenses, include:
  • predictive models
  • consulting services to make better and more informed decisions
  • a suite of Business Process Management and Business Rules Platform software products, CreditFlow and StrategyOne, used to configure business process and decision management solutions that allow implementation and execution of the credit and marketing strategies
  • solutions with best practices built-in and targeted to meet specific business needs such as CLever, the solution for flexible and customized debt collection management and OceanOne, the complete solution for application fraud detection and investigation.

CLever allows banks and financial institutions to achieve a more effective management of accounts in arrears, through a structured definition of tasks, assignments and policies, and constant enforcement and monitoring, thus enabling significant process streamlining and automation.

CreditFlow is the flexible and tailored workflow management system which allows banking and financial organizations to streamline the business application process.

StrategyOne is a modern, consolidated, 360° solution enabling your organization to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty and boost sales and profits by combining a “management” perspective with a “regulatory” one (implementation of rating and risk estimate algorithms).