Antifraud Solution
Antifraud Solution
The increasing phenomenon of application fraud, especially for credit products, in the banking and financial sectors, means the sector must have advanced and reliable instruments.
CRIF - Slovak Credit Bureau, together with its mother company CRIF, is very active in this area. It provides solutions to protect credit bureau users as well as to support decision-making processes in financial institutions, with the aim of minimising damage caused by opportunistic fraud,  and that mainly caused by organised crime.
Solutions developed by the CRIF group that focus on fraud prevention are aimed at banks, leasing companies and consumer credit providers, as well as insurance companies.
The SIC Credit Information System

CRIF – Slovak Credit Bureau cooperates with the Slovak Banking Credit Bureau and with the Social Services technical partner, in order to prevent attempted fraud and to improve credit risk management in Slovak banks.
Slovak Fraud Analyser

Slovak Fraud Analyser is a solution being developed together with the parent company CRIF, which effectively prevents credit-based fraud. Precise solutions compare identification data provided by the loan applicant in real time with information from other sources.