CRIF - Slovak Credit Bureau

CRIF – Slovak Credit Bureau manages the Banking and Non-banking Credit Registers in the Slovak Republic. It provides a complete range of solutions for business & consumer information as well as credit & marketing management.
Our sole shareholder is CRIF S.p.A.

  • 27 country-based operations
  • 58 subsidiary companies
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CRIF - Slovak Credit Bureau
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​Fast rating evaluation through the Internet.
iRating is a reliable web-based application that allows a quick, high quality evaluation of different types of subjects ( The tool allows you to download a rating for any municipality in Slovakia, by simply entering the name / code of the municipality. The iRating methodology has been developed by a team of experts, using an extended database of information on the evaluated subjects.
This methodology includes evaluating financial and non-financial reliability, with a result made of seven levels of ratings showing the scale of the creditor’s risk.iRating is aimed at all companies who want to know the situation of their clients or business partners. It is mainly used by banks and other financial institutions.

CRIF Events Worldwide

Events Worldwide

Hamburg, Germany, February 29, 2016
​The global credit and business information company CRIF, with head office in Bologna, Italy, has today, February 29, 2016, acquired the Bürgel group (Bürgel) from the previous shareholders Euler Hermes (50.1 %) and EOS (49.9 %), thus carrying forward its growth and expansion path which has been ongoing for many years.